Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I Recently Added To My To-Be-Read List

Hi everyone!
Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the lovely book blog: The Broke and the Bookish.

This week's topic is books I've recently added to my to-be-read list! There are too many amazing books I want to read but I'll try...
  1. A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab: Everything about this book makes me want to read it! The wondrous writing and promise that the author brings, the unusual plot infused with magic and one of my favourite cities and the concept of parallel worlds. Normally I'm a complete goody two shoes but in this world I can imagine paying Kell to smuggle me through parallel universes to see the different versions of London:)
  2. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: Firstly, it's my Leigh Bardugo so how could I say no?;) But then I look at the blurb and I think I actually fall in love with the way it burns with the potential to be a five-star book! I mean a criminal prodigy putting together a dysfunctional gang of outcasts I know we're going to love (maybe some anti-heroes too)!? So darkly delicious;) Also all of Leigh Bardugo's covers seem to be hauntingly and subtly gorgeous!
  3. The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton: The rave reviews of this book make it seem like reading it leaves the reader left in this bubble of magical and lonely and thought-provoking after-shock - and I want to experience that! The protagonist may have wings but they seem to make her more relatable as she struggles to fit in. I just know this story of twirly and poetic writing is going to break my heart.
  4. The Pretty App by Katie Sise: I am newly obsessed with apps and a guiltily obsessed with reality TV shows so the combination seems enticing! I'm so intrigued by how this app seems to capture society's obsession with outer beauty because the protagonist is voted one of the prettiest girls in America through the app and whisked off to a competitive reality show. Also the protagonist has a story beyond the surface that could be interesting- and its coupled with a potential romance with a guy named Leo (after the Heroes of Olympus series I love that name so I already love this guy!).
  5. Jackaby by William Ritter: I'm waiting and waiting for Sherlock to return so when the blurb said "Doctor Who meets Sherlock" I couldn't help but jump in excitement! Its fantasy + paranormal + mystery so I hope it ends up being a book I can't put down because I've been craving a unique mystery with a weird and loveable detective! I hope there's a lot of dark humour and wit and that the main characters, Jackaby and Abigail, have a dynamic and quirky partnership.
  6. We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach: "Four highschool seniors put their hopes, hearts, and humanity on the line as an asteroid hurtles toward Earth in this contemporary novel." Doesn't that just pull you right in?;) It's such a promising premise! Since the protagonists are in high school I feel like I'll be able to relate to them easily so putting familiar characters in this scary and unfamiliar situation and seeing how it plays out will be fascinating and maybe heartbreaking- definitely thought-provoking because can you imagine the concoction of raw human emotions on what is possibly the last day of earth?
  7. All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr: Everything about this story makes me want to read it right away! I haven't read much historical fiction even though I loved history last year but this can be the book that makes me love it even more (*cough* The Book Thief *cough*)! I just want to know what happens when the worlds of Marie-Laure, the blind and beloved girl who lives by the sea, and Werner, an intelligent orphan who wants to escape his choices, collide.
  8. Red Rising by Pierce Brown: I love a good rebellion (in a book;))! The Reds work hard to make Mars habitable only to discover that it already is- and that the Golds already live on Mars. The friction between social classes, the beginning of a rebellion and a infiltration mission will give readers a book that bubbles with intensity and suspense
  9. Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas: Almost done with Heir of Fire (the third installation in the series) so can't wait to get my hands on this one! If you haven't tried this series yet, I definitely recommend it- the elements of magic, cruelty, rebellion, love, friendship and mystery burn so fiercely and irresistibly in this series (in my opinion the second book is where it gets AMAZING:))!
  10. Winter by Marissa Meyer: Final installations in series can go so wrong (don't even get me started!). But they can also go so right! Fairytale retellings are done beautifully by Marissa Meyer and I honestly cannot imagine how her mind crafted all these strange and mesmerising visions of these old fairytales that somehow work (Cinderella's a cyborg everyone!):) I'm excited to learn more about Winter's character because I just from the blurb I admire her endlessly:)
Just making this list makes me fall out of my reading slump so yay!;) Thanks for reading! Link me up to your Top Ten Tuesday list!:)


  1. FLAWLESS list. Almost all of these books are on my TBR list too and sound outright amazeballs! And since I'm a ToG fanatic, I must insist you tell me what your thoughts are on Heir of Fire. Do you like it? Do you love it? Have you praised it like the Holy Bible it is?

    1. Aww thanks!:D I can't wait to read all of these! I'm also quite a ToG fanatic;) I love Heir of Fire- I had no idea that the story would become so epic in scale or that I'd love the characters and twists and magic so much! It sure is the Holy Bible of YA - I'm actually really glad it's going to be a long series! Thanks so much for stopping by and the comment Mariah!:)

  2. SIX OF CROWS! I'm soo ready for that book. The Grisha Trilogy was not enough to calm my hunger for Bardugo's books.

    1. Me too!!:) The Grisha Trilogy is what made me love Leigh Bardugo and I just know this new book is going to be amazing! How can it not be with an author so talented and a plot so intriguing?;) Thanks for stopping by and commenting!:D

  3. Ooh yes I approve of your list! I am so excited about Six of Crows and I have been wanting to pick up A Darker Shade of Magic since forever, ahhh!

    1. Thanks Melanie!:D I can't wait to read those books! I wish they could just appear in my hands right now;) Thanks for commenting and stopping by<3